Certifications and environmental responsibility

In 2010, Sedil Curvi obtained the FSC® certification (Forest Stewardship Council®). On customer request, most of the products can be produced with wood coming exclusively from controlled forest areas managed in compliance with strict environmental standards.

The sensitivity towards environmental protection issues has grown globally in recent years, creating the basis for projects and solutions in favor of alternative energy sources.

For this purpose, Sedil Curvi has created a photovoltaic system to produce clean and ecologically sustainable electricity making it immediately available and ready for use.

The company has moreover the ability to optimize and carefully plan the production cycles in order to avoid unnecessary waste of electricity and wood. The raw material is purchased considering the size useful for production, without the need for further trimming operations. The wood waste obtained at the end of the semi-finished production process, is transported and stored in special authorized collection centers to be subsequently transformed into recycled raw material, ready to be used in the production of chipboard or MDF panels.

With a special view to the protection of the ecosystem and public health, Sedil Curvi guarantees the use of adhesives with low formaldehyde content (Class E1) for the realization of its products.