Company profile

The curvature of the plywood to create top quality sittings for home, office and contract furnishing sectors combining the traditional woodworking with the most advanced technologies thanks to the use of high-precision machinery that allows to managing the entire production cycle with extreme professionalism.

Starting from the selection and preparation of the most innovative materials such as reconstituted multi-layers, veneers ​​and laminates in various finishes, passing through the various processing phases, the molding and shaping of the semi-finished product, up to the application of metal screws or fixing ply pads. On request, the company avails itself of the collaboration of qualified external companies for the painting and upholstery of finished products, providing a complete service to its customers.

Sedil Curvi, in the name a vocation, the one for wood and its multiple forms.


Established in 1983, Sedil Curvi is a family-run company that has handed down for two generations the love for this ancient craft and the constant search for new projects, increasingly avant-garde production methods and valuable collaborations with the most of the current furniture and design market. Competence and flexibility are the keywords of a company with a competitive spirit capable of fulfilling the most creative requests of its customers by transforming them into unique and personalized products. If it is true that wood is a living and irreplaceable material, then Sedil Curvi has mastered these characteristics over time while waiting to transmit its knowledge to a new generation.